What Are Blackout Shades ?

Blackout Shades and Room Darkening Shades are Florida’s newest trend in interior window design. Blackout Shades Jupiter Florida, Blackout Shades Palm Beach Gardens Florida, commercial blackout shades

Blackout shades are a window covering that eliminates all outside light (sun light, street lamps, security lighting, car headlights, etc.). And they are the preferred window shade for media rooms that benefit from controlled illumination. With blackout shades installed, you can control the amount of illumination all the way to extreme and complete darkness.

Blackout shades also find themselves put to use in baby rooms (nurseries), bed rooms, and in commercial settings such as hospital rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, bars, stage theaters and entertainment venues of all kinds.

Florida homes and businesses realize big benefits with blackout shades

Not only do blackout shades control the amount of outside light that enters a room, but the best of these shades also help to reduce outside noise from entering your home or office. Additionally, these shades are found to be a wonderful resource in helping to manage and regulate indoor air temperatures.

In the past, blackout shades were made in just one color – black. Today, however, with advancements in both materials and manufacturing processes, your new window shades can be crafted in a variety of materials (woven or knit, natural fibers or synthetics), colors, and patterns.

Blackout shades offer style and protection

Another valuable benefit of installing blackout shades in your home or office is the UV protection that these unique window coverings provide.

Not only do the sun’s UV rays harm your eyes, but those same harsh UV rays inflict permanent damage to your rugs, furniture, artwork and personal belongings.

The sun’s UV rays are shown to damage the integrity of all natural materials such as linens, wood, and stone. UV rays cause fading in fabrics and woods, paints and wood stains. Wood cracks, paint (and paintings) peel and your belongings are forever damaged.

FloridaShadingSolutions shades are 100% effective in eliminating the amount of UV rays that would otherwise enter your home and office. Protecting both your and your family’s eyesight, and your valued belongings.

What to look for when buying blackout shades

As with most things, quality matters when choosing your new shades.

Shades that are made in America are shown to be of the highest quality. As well, and because of the strict regulations that apply to American manufactures, shades that are made in the USA are free of the toxins and hazardous chemicals often used in countries such as Pakistan and China.

Quality Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Highly regarded made-in-America shades prove to be more affordable than the alternatives in the long-run.

Not only are made-in-America shades safer for you, your family, and your business, but the higher quality materials last significantly longer which reduces the lifetime cost of ownership.
American made shades are quite often more effective in reducing the costs of heating and cooling your home or office.

Additionally, products that are made in the USA are free from many tariffs and import taxes applied to foreign-made shades. And the shipping costs are a fraction of that found in foreign-made shades.

All of the above contribute to a higher-quality shading solution at an attractive price point.

To discover just how affordable and beneficial Florida Shading Solutions’ blackout shades are for you and your rooms, contact us for a free consultation: (772) 872-6805