Roller Shades

Roller Shades are enjoying a new and modern revival from their always popular, if somewhat modest origins.

Roller shades are known for their streamlined profile and simple opening mechanism. You can usually spot this type of window covering by the “roller” at the top of the shade.

And with today’s modern materials, colors, textures and designs you can now integrate this classic window fashion into any style of home and office décor.

Roller Shades that are Affordable, Versatile and Stylish

Roller shades compact design and rolled fabric keeps this style of interior window shade affordable, easy to transport and handle. And when you add the modern roller mechanisms that are available, including:

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  • Motorized, and
  • Continuous loop mechanisms

you’ll understand why these shades are finding themselves in new, creative, and architecturally pleasing installations. Roller shades are even finding a home for themselves on horizontal and roof windows. The unique flush-mount design of these shades means that there is nothing left dangling.

Modern Roller Mechanism Choices

Customize your new roller shades to fit into your lifestyle and room décor with a great choice in roller mechanisms:

Cordless – Imagine . . . roller shades without cords! No more confusion as to which end to pull and no need to replace frayed or knotted cords. As well, the unique cordless roller shade design imparts a very clean and minimal look that lends itself to all interior design styles.

Motorized – Motorization is the absolute latest trend in window fashions. Now you can effortlessly raise and lower you shades with a single touch of a button. You can even opt for a remote control and operate your new shades from across the room. It’s the absolute perfect choice for those hard-to-reach windows.

Continuous Cord Loop – Continuous loop in typically used for large or heavy weight window coverings and you can choose a color that seamlessly matches, or playfully contrasts with your window shades.

Material Types and Options allows you to choose to have your new window shades made from an extensive array of materials, colors and patterns. From natural fabrics such as cotton or linen to space-age carefree fabrics that include vinyl and plastics. You can even control the degree to which your new shades restrict outside light from entering your home or business – from a mild filtered effect to complete elimination of all outside light.

Businesses are even applying their logo (as well as other info) on to their new shade materials for the outmost in brand consistency.

Hotels are adding their locations and 800 numbers, retailers can add their hours of operations, restaurants can even choose to add images and descriptions of their signature meals.

Whether you are looking for a window fashion for a single window nook or for an entire business building, is your ideal source for new and replacement roller shades.

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